The Junior Purple League was introduced in the second half of 2015 as part of the overall Malaysia’s badminton development programme. Following the success of the Kopiko Purple League 2014, the Junior Purple League was launched to offer emerging talented players under the age of 19 the opportunity to hone their skills in a highly competitive environment.

Young Malaysian players are pitted not merely against one another but also against their peers from around the world. With the exposure to competitive badminton at the highest level, up and coming players are challenged to perform under pressure, to progress and to evolve, raising their own level of play. Such invaluable experience is designed to propel junior players to the forefront of world-class badminton in a seamless transition.

Entering its third season, over 300 local and international junior players from 21 clubs will be competing in single round robin matches in Division 1 and Division 2 for a chance to win the coveted championship titles in their respective divisions.

The Junior Purple League assumes an important complementary role that dovetails into the main Purple League. By setting a solid foundation, these initiatives are tailored to concurrently elevate the quality of badminton in the country and to produce a new era of champions.


Qualifying Playoff

  1. 2 Groups:
    Group A (Amanjaya BC, Ayer Itam BC and Pandan Indah BC)
    Group B (Bukit Gambir BC, PGBC, Seremban BC)
  2. Top teams from each group will automatically proceed to Division 2 of the Junior Purple League.
  3. The 2nd placing team with better results in terms of games/points difference will qualify also qualify for Division of the Junior Purple League

Junior Purple League

  1. The position of the league table is determined by the Games Difference (GD) / Point Difference (PD)
  2. The team with better GD/PD will place higher in the League Standings Table
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