Join us Now!

Fancy being a part of the Purple League community? The 2018/19 Purple League season is just around the corner, so register your club now and join our big family!

Our Purple League series includes the Junior Purple League and the Malaysia Purple League to cater the different development stages in badminton. The Junior Purple League is a platform for junior player below the age 19 to gain more playing experience and exposure against top local talents and invited foreign junior talents. The Malaysia Purple League on the hand provides the opportunity for Malaysia’s best junior players and rising talents to compete against and/or partner with established players ranging from world champions, Olympic medallist and top ranking players from all around the world.

So if your club is interested to join us. We have prepare a step by step guide to assist your club for a smooth registration process:

1. Register a club with ‘(area name) (nickname) BC Sdn. Bhd.’

2. Register a club logo.

3. Submit a bank guaranteed with minimum amount of RM 500,000. (or mins 50k for Junior Purple League)

4. Submit a formal written letter of participation.

5. Submit an organization chart of the club.

6. Provide a portfolio of your/your partner’s badminton academy with the list of player list who are going to play for your club for the coming up season.

7. Provide a list of sponsorship that going to fund your club throughout the season.

8. Club are require to propose their marketing strategy/plan to build their own fans community within their area.

9. Registration process done!

10. MPL management will set up an interview session for the shortlisted clubs thereafter.

For more information, kindly drop us an email: